Hi there! It's a little bit weird starting the first post of a new blog, right? You might be wondering who I am, I'm for sure wondering who you are, and I'm not 100% certain how much history to give. BUT, I've gotta start somewhere so here goes: 

I've been living in Chicago since 2008, after graduating from college and relocating from South Florida. Chicago appealed to me for a bunch of reasons, but it was the charm of the neighborhoods that really sealed the deal. It's such a cool thing to be 20 minutes away from the skyscrapers of one of the country's biggest cities, but still get the beauty of tree-lined streets and vintage buildings. I started out in the Ukrainian Village and then made the jump north to an adorable studio apartment in Ravenswood a few years later. I so wish I had pictures of that first place! In hindsight, the perfect time to start blogging would have been when I traded in that small apartment for the current 2 bedroom place that I live in with my boyfriend. What are ya gonna do, though? Moving and combining furniture with another person and trying to style a home together is hard enough without the added pressure of documenting it all along the way.

So now, 3 years later, all the major decorating is pretty much done which means it's time for the redecorating to begin! I don't know if it's this way for everybody, but it's hard for me to feel like decorating a home is ever really done. There's too many pretty new things to add, and always refinements that can be made. I've been envisioning a bunch of little (and some big!) home-tweaking projects that I'm going to try to be very diligent about documenting and sharing.

To begin, I'm starting to change up some things in our bedroom. We recently rearranged all the furniture after someone gifted us a new bed-frame (which I reupholstered and added new legs to). We loved the end result, but it was too large to fit in the way we had everything situated. Funny how just moving a few things around can compel you to completely change the design of a room! Moving our bedroom furniture around meant we finally had room for a headboard (before we were planning on just using the frame) and could add a side chair. One of the downsides, however, was that one of our dressers needed to move in front of a window. This particular window looks out onto an un-insulated sun porch so it doesn't let in much natural light or breeze, so it never gets opened. Even though I wasn't concerned about blocking the window, I didn't particularly like how the dresser looked in front of the floor length curtains. I felt like that space really needed to be lightened up. I didn't want to lose the curtain entirely - I made them, and I still love the fabric. Plus, the ikat fits with the overall vibe of the rest of the room - which I will try to share soon! My solution was to split the existing curtain and add a shear panel down the center, and I think it really helped break up the heaviness of the old arrangement.

Ok, here's the good stuff - the pictures!    

Before it was too solid and uniform. It felt dark and heavy.

ikat curtain

After, it feels so much fresher! I made the sheer curtain panel from fabric that I bought at Joann's for like $4 a yard, so it was not something particularly difficult or expensive. Switching out the shorter glass lamp for something taller and more streamlined also helped brighten this space. In addition, I've been making a concerted effort to incorporate (and keep alive!) more houseplants. Little green things make all the difference when you're trying to liven up a space.


Overall it's a small change, but I love the difference it makes. I think all these little tweaks I'm planning are going to result in a space that I can be truly satisfied with - for a bit anyway!